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News about us

A two hundred years old house transformed to a six living quarter apartment building at BACKER STREET. PRESERVING THE Old structure transformed to the new one.The new entrance like the old one, the face work ornaments were renovated.
The ceiling of the two story building is made of jointed caber bars, at the renovation every single bar was cleaned and fitted back to its place. The wooden ceiling gives a pleasant view, reminding the values of the past ,the owner who lives at the capital city wanted to preserve the cultural heritage of the protected building.Winding staircase leads to the second floor, the handrail is a well crafted cast.In the past decades elements of the handrail missed, these elements were made up for replicas. All doors, and door posts crafted at the turn of the century, were renovated.An oven, now out of work reminds us to bakers trade at the first floor double apartment.The owner took care even the neighbors wall, it was preserved and got new function, collaboration neighborliness.The supporting wall is made of old brick leading to the garden, the parking zone is at the place of a sometime demolished house. Here is an artificial pond supported water from five levees take its rise in the mountains and falls into Gyöngyös stream.The apartment building is equipped with modern technique. Warden can open the main entrance gate at a hundred km distance.Guests can enjoy in the sauna, or spend time at spacious public arias, or relax in surprisingly grand private rooms.The Far living owner find the in the heritage village the values of historical past and preserved them for future generations.

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